Cheese! and Crackers . . .


This is one of my favorite pictures . . . of anything ever. That’s Liv with a keeper redfish she caught on a recent fishing trip.

Redfish are one of our favorite fish. They taste great, they fight like a bull, and they’re just challenging enough to make them difficult quarry. Except for LIv. Some days, I swear, you could be sitting in a Walmart parking lot in a heavy rainstorm and she could catch a red. It’s more than a little maddening to the people accompanying her in the boat.

This picture is special because of the conditions. Me, Gilly and Liv ran to one of our favorite creeks in between rain showers. We knew we’d get a little wet, and, honestly, I kept waiting for one of them to give the sign that it was time to go home. That sign never came. We fished and fished, and caught snapper and snook and redfish (just Liv – the rest of us caught snapper and snook). I loved that my girls, who look killer in dresses, who know every line of every Gilmore Girls, who definitely enjoy the occasional mall trip, that they were out in these elements and loving. Every. Second.

I’m pretty happy to be one of his girls. And…you know..that he baits my hook so I don’t have to touch the shrimp. #truelove

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