A Cracker Culture

Travis:  Do you have a family culture?

I think most parents have goals they want for their kids – go to college, become functioning members of society, help others, work hard, and so forth.  And I think most parents have a hope that they are providing the type of environment that will lead to these results.  But I don’t know that most parents are being uber-intentional about creating an equation that will equal those results.

Gilly: I think everyone struggles with this; you know the answer to the problem, right, but not the x-factor. It’s like, Healthy Happy Kid= x + y, but the variables are different with every child. Maybe x = spanking. Maybe y = lectures.

With that in mind, I called to order a family meeting the other night.  Now that Liv is 13, and Will is 7, I’ve started having more and more internal conversations about who they are, how they’re shaped, and who they’re going to be.  I decided that we needed to put some skin onto the bones of our “undefined” family culture, and that they needed to help define it. Which was kind of hard for them, and led to a slew of questions such as: What does independent mean? What is leadership? What is courage? Try defining these things for a 7 year old sometime. It’s a blast.

So I set up a whiteboard, turned off the TV, and asked them this question:  “What do you want our family to be about?”

These were the results:

  • Open Communication
  • Patience
  • Respectful
  • Have Fun
  • Leadership
  • Independent
  • Be Sweet
  • Remember Where You Came From
  • Trust Each Other
  • Courage
  • Hardworking
  • Faith
  • Responsible
  • Wisdom

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be unpacking those as a group and letting you guys know how we’re doing . . .


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