Things I think . . .

  • I think it may never stop raining.  And I’m okay with that.  There’s just something kinda refreshing about it raining this time of year, when it’s usually still stiflingly hot; instead it’s borderline cool.
  • I think I’m loving my evening walks with my bride and the pups.  It’s hard to beat the mid-70’s, a breeze, a pretty girl, and being outside
  • I think Olivia turns 14 on Sunday, and I’m ill-prepared for that situation.  There are boys.  There are hormones.  There are illogical arguments.  But there are also Sunday afternoons where she wants nothing more than to watch football for hours on end with her dad.  And there are great grades, and even better decisions, and maybe I’m not as ill-prepared as I’d thought.
  • Has social media made it fashionable to not be okay with good grammar (can that even be a sentence?) . . . You and u . . . idk vs. I don’t know . . . Your and you’re . . . it’s the lightning rod of facebook (that and Obamacare, but I digress) . . . it’s not okay to point out that someone used “your” instead of “you’re” without getting jumped on as being the grammar police.  Which makes, I think, all those jumper-oners the non-grammar police?  I can’t remember the deal I had with Olivia, but I think it was something like she had to pay me a nickel for every “abbreviated” or misspelled word in a text message when she first got her phone.  For some reason this clicked with her, and she’s pretty careful about it . . . have we really come so far as a society that “u” has to be used instead of “you?”  You’re texting someone, connecting with them through the internets and fiber optics and the magic of wifi and LTE – you’re pushing the limits of convenience – can we maybe draw the line at abbreviations and encouraging bad grammar
  • We went to Star Wars Day at a Rays game this past weekend . . . you guys, it was EPIC . . . first off, the Rays know how to throw down with some Star Wars characters – Darth and R2 and C3PO and the most realistic looking Chewbacca I’ve ever seen.  We even got Jedi Zo (Ben Zobrist) bobbleheads (can I just say I wish they’d name him “Jedi Obi-Wan Benzobie” – tell me that wouldn’t have been better than “Jedi Zo” – you need me, Rays marketing team).  Only thing I wish they’d done would’ve been to project the death star onto the roof of the Trop.  Maybe they did.  We did miss the first three innings.  Either way, great day with my family, making memories . . .
    Will with Chewy.  And maybe that other X-wing Pilot - maybe it's Wedge

    Will with Chewy. And maybe that other X-wing Pilot – maybe it’s Wedge

    Liv as Fernando Rodney

    Liv as Fernando Rodney

    Will cheering for a guy named Wil (he didn't do anything, just the fact that he's named Wil)

    Will cheering for a guy named Wil (he didn’t do anything, just the fact that he’s named Wil)

    Will cheering for Desmond Jennings' 3-run homer

    Will cheering for Desmond Jennings’ 3-run homer




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