Things I think . . .

  • I think that I couldn’t care less about the World Series this year – Red Sox/Cardinals?  Makes me wish a giant sinkhole would just open under Fenway park and swallow both teams up . . . not the fans, mind you, just the teams.  Maybe some Bostonians.  No.  Maybe.
  • I think this morning is the first glimpse of “not-summer” we’ve had this year in Florida – you guys, it’s supposed to only be 84 degrees today!
  • I think this has been the longest week I’ve had in about 36 years, and it’s Wednesday.  Everybody’s okay, and everything’s gonna be okay, but make sure y’all hug your kids, hug your wives, hug your boyfriends*, and tell ‘em you love ‘em (and mean it)

*Editor’s note: if you have a wife and boyfriend, ummmm, well, I’m not sure what to tell you.  Hug ‘em both I guess.  I’m conflicted.

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