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What is “A Pack of Crackers?”


noun \ˈkra-kər\

1: a dry thin crispy baked bread product that may be leavened or unleavened

2: b capitalized : a native or resident of Florida or Georgia —used as a nickname

Travis: On one side, I am a 5th generation Floridian; 3rd on the other.  She is at least 3rd, maybe more.
Gilly:  I am not entirely sure this is true…(this is “she,” by the way). My dad was born in Georgia but moved to Florida very early in his childhood, so maybe I can still get by on that technicality. This is Travis again – guess what – we’re at dinner the other night, and she asks her dad about being in born in Georgia; his reply: “um, sweetie, I was born in Lakeland”
Our grandparents and great-grandparents were hunters and fishermen, citrus growers and shrimpers.  They were hard-working and honest and caring . . . never rich in money or possessions, but wealthy beyond all measure in family and heritage.
This site is a place for us to share about our family – we’ve been married just under 2 years; she’s taken my kids as though they were her own, stolen my dog, and embraces the mixed up lifestyle of a Florida Cracker in a social media world.
He is very fun to live with…the word “bored” is not in our vocabulary. We are regularly terrorizing the local squirrel, frog, or lizard population with the help of our French Brittany Spaniel. We’re trying to teach our kids that this family is a team, so usually, whatever we do is done together. Sometimes that’s fun stuff like swimming in our neighbor’s pool. Sometimes it’s falling a pine tree in our back yard and dragging all of the limbs to the road. By hand. Six months later.
We’ll share pictures and stories – fishing, hunting, shopping, dining, a smattering of everything that comes with living in Florida (and maybe a trip somewhere else sprinkled in here and there!)
Um, I see how you left home improvement out of that list. There will be home improvement, trust.
We’ll share our favorite recipes – some that will make you rush the grocery store, while some will make you wonder what’s wrong with us.
Be warned: 75% of the pack of crackers are oyster lovers. Also, he is the only one doing any cooking around here, so I’ll just tell you if I liked it or not.
Overall, we hope you’ll enjoy the adventures of a guy and a gal, their son and daughter, and a crazy dog – a Pack of Crackers . . .